Welcome to Shimmy Fingers 

FREEHAND ILLUSTRATOR. "Dream it, I Draw it, Show up I Show Off!"


Freehand Original Sketch Art Drawings Portraits, Photo realism, Fine Detail, Nature, Animals, Landscapes, Perspective, Characters, Custom Original Designs, Graffiti/Murals, Graphics, Tattoos, Music soon Animation!

I believe in QUALITY more than anything and Fine line Attention to Details are my strong points. QUALITY- of life, people, places, & things here to network w/ like-minded sound people who are getting it how I'm getting it..."GRINDING & HUSTLING WORKING HARD EVERYDAY 2 Make a better way for themselves family, children, & those around them or their circle!"

N.Y.C.E. Guyz, Team G.T.P., #GoodMoney is the team, crew, and the movement!

Independent drawing initial sketches to full project development and completion.

From fashion, screen, media print I'm here!

"The Original N.Y.C.E. Guy LIVE from NY

"Superhuman Intelligence Manifested Through My Fingers" and that's what I do, with all my Talents!

Full range of professional rendering, illustrations, drafting, & consulting services to help maximize the value of your brand & business investment.

We have helped businesses of all kinds enhance their professional presence, operational efficiency, and drive levels of performance, engaging audiences w innovative new brand influence while improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With a vast range of techniques your organization needs including: the tools, accelerators, and experienced team to successfully guide your projects from strategy to completion.

We leverage our enormous base of experience, wealth of best practice resources, and the latest quality management techniques to provide you with high-value services and deliverables that will improve your business.

Original Illustrations
Promotional clip of several original custom pieces & cover ups!